GATTACA: The Movie That Explains It All

Drones, Cameras Everywhere, Cell Phone Tracking, Chips That Monitor Driving Habits, Chips That Can Unlock Car Doors Can Also Shut Motors Off, Satellites That Can Track Everything & Everyone, Now, Systems To Read License Plates, While We Drive Along The Highway. The list is almost endless.

Remember the 1997 movie: Gattaca? If you haven’t seen it, you really don’t know where we’re headed. In Scotland, officials want every child to have a government monitor. A person who would watch the child grow and make sure that child is not abused, etc. In the U.S. we have government agents tasked with protecting children. More often than we know, these agents go too far and protect the child against his / her parents.

In our world, the battle is almost constant: keeping the government and merchants from intruding into our privacy. The newest computer games [for children?] employ sensors that can react to the eye movement of the player. It can also determine whether or not you are the person who is supposed to be playing that particular game. We’re told it has the ability to see what’s going on in your home, when it’s on. Experts tell us to keep the built-in cameras of our computers, covered unless we’re using them. Do you wonder why?

How much of this do we except? Much more than previous generations would! From microchips in your pets, to microchips in your baby, is a very small step. A simple internet search under the title: tracking Americans, turns up a plethora of ways and means, along with efforts to stop it.

CONTROL is the key to domination. Americans are not aware of how much their life and choices are controlled by others. Media, Finances, Religion, Politics, Technology…the list is long and much of it is unseen. But, behind it all is The Enemy of your Soul!

We are not in a battle against Russia or Iran, terrorists or even Islam. The battle is being waged on the spiritual level, unseen and largely unknown. When it becomes obvious, it will be too late. Today, the Control Merchants are busy garnering personal control for selfish reasons they either view or present as humanitarian. Save The Snail Darter!?

The Real War began before Creation! It rages unabated! It is the Battle For Your Soul! It is The Invisible War!

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