Another Book On The Family? Wait! This One’s Biblical!

I saw a Review of a New Book on The Family, from a biblical perspective. I know….Another Book on The Family!!!

But this one appears different. The Reviewer [Eric Davis] is one of the men who write for, a thoroughly Christian blog, starts out by saying, “It’s biblical!”

Now, I’ve grown to appreciate and respect the men who write for this blog, so this is High Praise, Indeed! If you’ve read any Christian books on The Family, you know what I mean. This book is written by Clint Archer and published by Shepherd’s Press, in Pennsylvania, and presents the family as a Team. It is entitled, simply: The Home Team: God’s Game Plan For The Family

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Clint doesn’t blame the problems that plague families on the culture or economics or unrealistic expectations, or any other social ill. He puts the blame squarely where it belongs: on The Fall! Sin is The Problem! It corrupts everyone and everything. How refreshing!

He also understands the damage done to families seeking counsel, outside a biblical worldview. The world just doesn’t know, any longer, how a Family is supposed to work. Consequently, the various models are all fatally flawed.

The author points to the scriptures as God’s Play Book for the family. God Designed marriage and the family, so it stands to reason He would know best how to make it work. A Sound Theology is at the heart of every godly, and therefore healthy, family.

Looking at the beginning of marriage, Clint says, “Adam suffered from a systemic inadequacy and required customized complementary companionship.” “A wife is God’s gift to help her husband accomplish their God-given responsibilities.” ‘Their responsibilities,’ include serving God in and through the home. “It incorporates the wise management of her home in such a way as all its residents learn the glory of homemaking while sharing the tasks.”

The book points families toward the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and The Local Church, as indispensable in the process. There is the understanding that, as Christians, we have all we need for life and godliness, through the knowledge of Christ, but that does not eliminate every struggle, every conflict, every failure.

There are Two Chapters on children which make the book worth the price, according to Eric. The emphasis is on Training, not simply Complying. Obedient children are not born, they are influenced and trained to be that way. Mom and Dad, working together with a common philosophy and purpose. Neither one undermining the other. No child able to “divide-and-conquer.” Discipling their children not simply ordering them around.

The Challenge is to leave your ‘flesh’ behind and pursue God’s purpose. The focus is on inner change, not just of the child, but of the parents as well. Doing what’s right and good, because it is right and good, not because of the threat of discovery or punishment. That goes for the parents, as well.

Heart-First, then externals! It’s not about externals, it’s about developing godly character. Dad needs to become what God wants him to be, not simply do what God wants him to do. That lesson and commitment must be passed on to the children.

There’s also a chapter on “Team-Solo,” because singleness happens for a variety of reasons, not all of them due to sinful choices. Some people will never be married; never raise a family of their own. It’s not the End of the Road! It’s another Challenge every Christian, who finds themselves in that situation, needs to embrace as from a loving Father and do what God calls them to do. Which is? Be conformed to the image of Christ.

It sounds like a good book for any family’s Library.

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