What Every Man Knows About Responding To A Bully

Ans: “Give The Bully An Inch, He’ll Take A Mile!”

Reality Is: When confronted by a bully, if you show weakness you will get more of it! This doesn’t mean escalating the situation into a fight, but it certainly doesn’t mean scampering off to avoid further confrontations.

Bullies do not pick on those who are bigger, stronger and more aggressive. Their victim of choice is the weak, the mild, the fearful. Which is most children. It’s not personal, they are simply bullies, and bullies have their own problems.

Bullies seem to need constant reinforcement that they are bigger, tougher, smarter and what serves their interest is what everyone needs. They view it as Leadership, when it is really a sign of weakness and fear.

Bullies are NOT New! What’s NEW is a society of weaklings! Instead of teaching our children how to deal with bullies we are…

a. defining bullying down — Everything is now bullying
b. protecting children from any and all forms of bullying — so they never learn; never strengthen.

This has now found its way into Adult behavior, as those who are responsible to keep a society safe and strong apply the same lessons to International Bullies.

Giving in to an Iran, on nuclear development, will NOT stop Iran from developing a nuclear capability. Everyone above ground knows this!

An Iran with nuclear capability (or the possibility) will alarm everyone in the ‘neighborhood,’ and stimulate an Arms Race, for protection. Everyone above ground knows this!

A stronger and more threatened Turkey will destabilize an already tenuous situation. WE have forgotten or ignored The Ottoman Empire! THEY have not!!

A stronger and more threatened Saudi Arabia will push them toward a confrontation: Yemen? Persian Gulf? Such a situation will bring the U.S. into the fray.

A stronger and more threatened Jordan will create more possibilities of confrontation on their border with Syria (An Iranian protectorate — along with a growing Russian influence).

Do we know all this? Of Course! I do, and I’m not an expert in foreign affairs…or anything else. But I DO know human nature and what I know of it ‘ain’t good!’

When did children stop going off in the Summer to swim in the creek? To swing from trees, on a rope, and drop into the water? To build go-carts out of lawnmower engines and drive them around? To ride their bikes great distances, just to get an ice cream cone? To be off and away from home all day, during the Summer, without parents worrying?

Some will say when the world got more dangerous. The Truth? When Mom went to work and worried about what was going on at home. Dad didn’t worry. Dads rarely think of their children while at work.

When the Family was functioning the way it is designed, bullies were confronted and contained. Children were expected to ‘take care of business.’ If it was dangerous, parents would step in, but not before. Often a phone call to the bullies father, did the trick.

Today? The father (or mother) thinks their child can do no wrong and will probably bully anyone who dares suggest otherwise. In my day, EVERY parent knew their child was capable of all sorts of anti-social behavior. Parents automatically assumed their child did what an adult said they did….until or unless there was evidence to the contrary.

Doesn’t sound Fair, does it? It isn’t. But, this is LIFE! Human Beings, especially children, are capable of all sorts of dangerous and destructive behaviors. Some of it out of childishness (they are in training). Some of it out of pure evil (their hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked Jer. 17:9).

Have you NOT seen your 2 year old express pure rage? Lash out against another child in dangerous ways….simply because they WANT something or the other child found it interesting and started playing with it? Did you teach them this behavior? Or did it come with their “heart?”

Remember the Code of the Two-Year Old: What’s Mine Is Mine! If It’s In My Hand, It’s Mine! If I Put It Down And You Pick It Up To Play With It, It’s Mine! This List is Long and highly instructive to naive parents.

The so-called “Greatest Generation” grew up under the worst conditions anyone did (in the 20th century). The Great Depression robbed them of a ‘normal’ childhood. Many worked to put food on the table for the family. A large number had no parental supervision during the day.

When war came….just as they were beginning their careers and families… they WENT! Not complaining. Not running to Canada for asylum. NOT cutting off fingers to avoid the Draft.

When they came home….they went to work! They didn’t complain. They didn’t wallow in self-pity. They didn’t even talk about their war experiences, they simply went to work: building their lives, building their families.

They did this responsible thing BECAUSE of the way they were raised!

Experts say a Nuclear Treaty with Iran will threaten the entire Region and create a dynamic where everyone who can, will want The Bomb. They say the stronger nations will not sit by while Iran develops a bomb. They say there will be WAR!

Our Experts? Influenced by 70 years of coddling bullies and pretending everyone is Nice and Good? Driven by the desire to be a part of the Global Community instead of the Strongest and Most Advanced Society on the planet? Acutely aware of what people think of them? They Want A Treaty!

What Do You Want?

ps. Those of you who think my characterization is out in left field? You are part of The Problem! Ask your grandparents what life was like in their day. Ask them how many times they were ‘baby-sat. Ask them how many times their parents immediately took their side in a conflict with teachers or other students. Ask them how many times they came home from school complaining about a bully.

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