Introducing A New Ministry To Pastors

Shepherd and Rod
The 21st Century Pastor Faces A Wide Array of Challenges!  The temptation is to be distracted from his Primary Directive: Tend The Sheep!

The Condition of The Church, At The End of The Second Millennium, Is One Of Distortion & Dysfunction. We Blame The Culture When The Saints of God Are Distracted and Confused. God Blames The Shepherds!

This is not to say the Shepherds are ill-equipped or lazy, simply that they get spread too thin; they are more easily and fully distracted; the issues are complex and the attack is relentless, coming at us through our TV, our Computer, even our Phone! No longer are people limited to what their pastor says, they have access to all sorts of men (and women) insisting that what they’re saying / preaching is God’s Word! The pastor is tempted to adjust to the culture in order to attract more people, when he knows quite well that God gives the increase.

As one who pastored for 40 years, I can tell you how tempting it is to retreat into your own world to read and study God’s Word at the expense of just about every other responsibility. I can also tell you have tempting it is to simply ‘chuck it all’ and find something to do that doesn’t keep you up at night, concerned over people who are being daily-deceived and disheartened.

To This End I Have Launched A New Ministry To Pastors: Rod & Staff

ROD & STAFF is a Faith Ministry dedicated to the encouragement and edification of those who serve God as His faithful Under-Shepherds. It is another ministry of ALTERNATIVES: Biblical Counseling & Eduction, Incorporated In N.C. & S.C. as a Non-Profit, 501(c) 3 Ministry.

In the future there will be Articles to Encourage and Uplift. There will be Links to websites and events which will edify and instruct. There will be a weekly Feature on The Bible Forum, just for pastors. And there will be Pastors’ Conferences and Colloquies to Stimulate & Encourage.

The Colloquies are One-Day Events for pastors (and their wives, if they so choose) to discuss biblical and contemporary issues of note. If you want to sponsor one of these,  or a short Bible Conference in your church or you need Pulpit Supply, please send me an email and we can talk about it.

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