The Pope Wants More Dialogue! Really?


January 5, 2016 marks the pope’s First Video Message regarding his ‘Monthly Prayer Intentions’….Ever! LINK:

His purpose is to emphasize the importance of Interreligious Dialogue.

Highlighted are a Buddhist, A Jew, A Christian and A follower of Allah. These make up the majority of the peoples of this Earth and, according to the pope, are “all children of God,” “all sharing a common belief in love,” all of which … “may produce the fruits of peace and justice.”

It’s a warm and inviting sentiment sure to touch the hearts of all men of good will. But what does it mean? A heart-felt desire that each religious system will see growth? That each religious person would be encouraged and strengthened in their faith?

It’s interesting that the pope uses the word “faith,” to describe these several beliefs. In religious terms, Faith implies an intangible link to God, borne of our confidence and reliance upon God, without the aid of any required behaviors. In Christianity, faith is a gift from God [Eph. 2:8,9], without which no man / woman will see God.

Is Judaism a Faith System? Buddhism? Islam? Catholicism? Or, are there prescribed behaviors which MUST be observed in order to receive God’s blessings?

Are sacrifices required in Judaism? Is Right Thought, Speech, Action, Effort, Concentration, etc. required in Buddhism, in order to achieve understanding, peace, compassion, etc? Is Islam a faith-system or a works-system? “Islam” means ‘submission:’ to the revealed requirements, but also whatever Allah requires (or you think he requires).

Is Catholicism a Faith System? Can you skip baptism and be a Catholic? Can you skip Confession and still Receive Communion? Can you skip Communion and Receive ‘Last Rites?’ Can you skip the ‘Last Rites,’ and still get to heaven? Can you be something other than Catholic and be assured of Heaven? Or be a Christian?

The modernists and compromisers may say ‘yes,’ but the Catholic Catechism says NO! According to official Catholic doctrine, ONLY Catholics are Christians and ONLY practicing Catholics can hope for Heaven.

So…Is Catholicism a Faith System? If dialogue can win wars, then Catholicism is a Faith System, …and elephants can fly!

Can you see how people like me become cynical? Why educated or informed people pay no attention to what the majority of Christian Teachers say or do? Can you see how Christianity and indeed all organized religions get a bad reputation? They think we’re all stupid, or gullible — and many of us are.

Does anyone really believe Catholics and Muslims are going to make peace through dialogue? Does anyone, over the age of 10 years, really think Jews and Catholics are going to be friends….ever? By talking?

So what is the pope saying? Listen: “We may all think differently, but that shouldn’t stop us from ‘collaborating’ with one another.” What does that mean? It means to work together toward a common goal.

What’s The Common Goal? Peace on Earth? That’s not going to happen this side of Jesus’ Return! A Working Relationship? Toward what end? Islam wants to dominate the world! Roman Catholicism has the same goal, if different tactics. Buddhists don’t care…about anything but themselves. They just want a world where everyone is at peace. Dialogue about that?

It all sounds silly, or at least out of touch with reality! However, popes are not prone to either of these, so there’s something else going on.

Like? Like, lower the tensions between us and maybe stop the fighting? Then what? Then, maybe the Catholics will have a chance to accomplish their goals! There is no Catholic army any longer. If Islam wins…everyone’s a Muslim or dead! If the Jews keep holding onto their religious beliefs, there will be no compromise with Catholics, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Animists, nor anyone!

The pope’s words are directed toward Jews and Muslims. He has the Evangelical Christian Community eating out of his hands and I’m certain the Buddhists are no threat! What he’s missing is the reality that what’s going on in the world is a War Against God! It’s not Jews v. Catholics or Moslems v. Everyone Else, it’s Man against God.

Men have always thought in terms of World Domination. Every one of them believed / believes if only…. If only I could run the world; If only this would happen or that would happen; If only people would pull together instead of pulling apart; etc. ALL efforts toward a Global Society is a Plan for World Domination by Someone or a group of Someones….all of which are human and therefore doomed to fail!

The Bible declares only One Hope! His name is Jesus! Why didn’t the pope emphasize Him?

His purpose is to rid the world of sin and establish His Kingdom on Earth. His return to Earth will be with a sword, not dialogue! His subjects will be those who love Him more than life itself. His subjects will be His spiritual children, men and women He suffered and died to redeem. Everyone else will perish! There will be no dialogue!!

There is only One Way To God and that’s Through The Lord Jesus Christ! Not a Church. Not a Religion. Not a Philosophy of Life. Only through the blood of the Lamb of God, which was shed for our sin — 2000 years ago!

Dialogue That!

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