The Pope Scolds The World For Their Lack of Mercy

In an AP story, Pope Francis is quoted as saying “God’s plan doesn’t exclude people based on their social class, race or religion.”

He then switches the conversation to illegal immigrants, suggesting Open Borders to be the same as individuals welcoming people into their lives without prejudice or selfishness.

That he believes people will hear or read these things and believe them to be rational and realistic speaks to more to his political bias and cloister than it does to reason and rationality.

The Global Issue is the equivalent of a marauding army, not a wandering band of minstrels. That these people (generally) represent an overwhelming and almost impossible human tragedy is heart-breaking.

However, the general result of this ‘migration’ has been terror, rape, robbery, murder and social chaos. A farmer watching a horde of locust descending upon his crops does not think in terms of the locust’s need, but rather his investment.

Nations must (and have always) thought the same. It’s why they all have immigration policies and barriers to stop wandering people groups.

This is so basic as to be unnecessary to declare.

Yet, here we are in the 21st century giving an otherwise intelligent man a rational hearing on a topic so irrational and ludicrous as to border on insanity!

He defined mercy as “… that way of acting, that style, with which we try to include others in our life, avoiding closing up into ourselves and into our selfish securities” What dictionary is he using?

To extend your immigration quota in response to a global catastrophe is mercy. To open the flood gates and let everyone in who wants in, without going through any ‘proper channel,’ is Insanity! Why do we have ‘Proper Channels,’ at all?

Are border laws a way of ‘closing up into ourselves and our selfish securities?’
Is it a ‘selfish security’ that motivates people to protect their homes and lives from marauding hordes?

The world is no longer laboring under the misapprehension that these groups are merely families trying to escape a war zone. There are too many single young men in the mix and there have been too many vicious and wanton crimes committed by these people to simply treat them as ‘immigrants.’

Is the Vatican open to anyone who walks in off the street? Or do they have walls, gates and soldiers on duty, to keep people out?

What’s Good For The Goose….. Mr. Pope!

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