When A Nation Commits Suicide!

The Nations of the Earth have Come and Gone, largely based on the personality and power of the Individual or Government at the helm. Dictators, Military Generals and Political Movements have propelled a number of people, groups and artificial assemblies into power….for a time.

They have achieved great things, but only as long as the Dictator or Powerful Entities lived and were able to control events.

Of course, there have been exceptions. None more obvious or significant than Israel and The United States of America. Israel rose to power on the heels of King David. A Warrior-King admitting his power and office being the direct result of The One True God of Heaven’s Appointment and Blessing.

A Warrior-King who set out to fulfill God’s Command that Israel rid the Land of those people-groups which rejected Him. Divine Justice…And Peace For The People of God. His son, Solomon took that nation to New Heights, both in the building of The Temple, in Jerusalem, and the expansion of wealth and power in the Region.

But in his worldly success, he forgot His God! Subsequent kings a) divided the kingdom, and b) destroyed it, due to their rejection of The One True God of Heaven!

The United States of America follows the same path, establishing her authority and purpose upon the principles found in The Holy Bible and granting both autonomy and responsibility to her people.

After a Great World Victory (WWII) she purposed to enjoy the ‘Fruits of Success,’ The enemies of Right and Good were vanquished. The world was at peace. The forces of Right and Good would keep it that way.

In the grips of this False Evaluation, The United States became morally weak and began a descent into chaos.
1. Forgetting from whence she came
2. Abandoning The True Source of her Greatness
3. Resorting to Personal Gratification and Riches

The U.S. has abandoned her Founding Principles, replacing them with humanistic and politically progressive policies. The word ‘progressive’ is derived from the idea of Progress. True progress, we judged, could only be achieved if-and-when we shed our religious belief in absolute moral principles and guidance by the unseen ‘Hand’ of God.

And Abandon It We Have!
– Darwinian Evolution replaced the Biblical Concept of Creation
– Truth was abandoned in favor of Relativism.
– Ethics was no longer viewed an objective reality
– Morality became what we wanted it to be
– ‘Family’ was replaced by Revolving Roommates
– Children were abandoned to Government Schools
– Churches no longer preached The Word of God
– Legal Decisions are now Opinions, based upon a Judge’s interpretation or precedent.

What we did not realize [although those who deliberately crafted our New Society DID] was that Without Religious Freedom, There Is No Political Freedom!

Politics Addresses Policy — Religion Addresses Morality. Policies are built upon Morality. A relative moral code results in policies which are ‘Fair’ to the individual or party in view….. but not always to the larger community.

Fairness Is Always The Enemy of Justice!
When ‘Right’ no longer means anything objectively correct, it doesn’t matter what decision is made. The only thing that matters is the narrow issue at hand. And what’s at stake is what’s “Fair” …In This Case.

These concepts are not as Clear-Cut as this evaluation implies. Partly due to the fact that we cannot see the larger picture. In this Larger Picture, they are EXACTLY Correct! Our progress has been hit-and-miss, with movement toward moral destruction, interspersed by moments of relief [Read ‘sanity’].

No Nation Survives High Taxes & Social Benefits Too!
No Nation Survives The Rule of Opinion!
No Nation Survives The Deliberate Devaluation of Her Currency!
No Nation Survives Financial Support of Her Enemies! [re: U.N.; Foreign Aid]
No Nation Abandons God And Survives!

No Nation Survives Giving Money To People Who Don’t Work! [In 2011 49.2.% received Gov’t aid] This is not helping people who cannot work. This is supporting people who will not work….either because they refuse or because they did not prepare themselves to work. At Issue is Faith, Morality, Family, Responsibility!

Our Social Security Program [for example] is based on what was viewed as legitimate insurance. It was created, however, to eliminate the vast majority of folks who paid into it. In 1935, the average age of a working male was 58 yrs. Benefits began at 65 yrs. Is this Moral or merely Expedient?

Today, Soc. Sec. benefits begin at age 62 and the average male [who reaches age 65] lives to be 84! In terms of Actuarials….This is Insanity! HOWEVER…In terms of The Policy of Social / Moral Destruction…. It makes perfect sense!

It is doubtful we will be able to identify any lawmaker or public servant who is deliberately seeking to destroy this country. However, by embracing a godless and immoral view of life and government, that is exactly what’s happening!!

U.S. Supreme Court May Be Back On Track

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of a Missouri church that sued the State after being denied taxpayer funds for a playground project because of a provision that prohibits State funding for religious entities. 

The Issue dealt with ‘The Blaine Ammendment’ incorporated in the Missouri Constitution, in 1875. The ruling was 7-2. 

What’s The Issue?
The Media is focused on a Church (Trinity Lutheran) being able to bid on a State Grant for recycled automoble tires to provide a softer surface for their playground. THE ISSUE, however, is much broader (and older) than this!

The Blaine Ammendment dates back to the middle of the 19th Century — 1800’s — when Roman Catholics had begun to educate their children in parochial schools, to avoid the Protestant influence so prevalent in State-Funded Schools.

Bible Reading and Prayer were only two of the issues angering Roman Catholics! Why? Because the Bible used in Public Schools was NOT The Douay-Rheims Version and because the prayers were not accompanied by the ritual ‘crossing’ of one’s self…. ‘In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.’

Rep. James G. Blaine of Maine, led the fight against allowing the RCC to infiltrate Public Schools! The Amendments were incorporated into all (?) the new States…. States incorporated AFTER this legislation was established…. Mostly States West of the Mississippi River!

It concerns itself with States Funding Religion, not with States discriminating against people of faith.

HHISTORICAL NOTE: THIS is how different Roman Catholicism is from so-called Protestantism! Reformers, in the 16th and 17th centuries were PROTESTING the heresies and abuses of the Dominant Church — RCC.

A Church overseeing The Holy Roman Empire! [Since the 6th Cent. AD] A Church engaged in the systematic abuse and murder of any and all who refused to accept and/or practice Roman Catholic Doctrine. This Pogram is called The Inquisition.

People living in Roman Catholic areas were arrested and questioned as to their ‘faith.’ Were they NOT sufficiently Roman Catholic or NOT willing to affirm Roman Catholic belief, they were mercilessly tortured …. often to death… and burned at the stake, by Priests of “The Church.” This continued into the late 1800’s.

It was this persecution that ‘Birthed’ these United States of America! Fear of Roman Catholic belief and practices infiltrating the population … and ultimately the government… is what motivated the Blaine Ammend. and other laws.

It was NOT religion, in general! The Nation was founded on Judeo-Christian Principles…. Principles foreign to Catholicism. It was the Parochial Schools, started by Roman Catholics, which energized Americans to protect themselves against religion…. not the ‘Public Schools.’

NOW… we have a Protestant Church, operating a school and bidding on a State Grant for recycled automobile tires in order to better protect their children, at play. A Church who’s Grant came in 5th, in the competition, being denied simply because it was a Religious School.

THE ISSUE: Today, the real issue is whether or not a religious school can have ANY State money…. Since we have evolved into a State School System, where the gov’t runs the schools, not the public.

In the Trinity Lutheran case, we have an issue which is a further step removed from even that fight. Religious worship is not involved here, nor children’s education, nor the kind of charity religion inspires. Instead, we have a church-owned property that functions identically to a secular property and is open to all children no matter their faith.

No one could resonably confuse a grant of playground safety equipment to be the same as a backdoor to the creation of an established state church. But two U.S. Supreme Court Justices appear to have done just that!

Our American Revolution was led by men who rejected the idea that a State Church would control people by force of law. Had Great Britain won, The Church of England would have held sway and all the Protestant Churches would have been eliminated. ….NOTE: The Church of England is largely Episcopalian.

Why? Because King Henry the 8th wanted to divorce his wife and marry a woman he believed would give him an heir…. and the RCC would not allow it!

So? So he started his own Church…. Which he controlled. Episcopalians do not have Pastors, they have Priests Episcopalian priest where the Catholic ‘backward colar’ and clerical garb.

Episcopalian Communion is only one step away from Catholic Mass. One holds to Trans-Substantiation — the elements are transformed into the Literal Body and Blood of Christ, which is then sacrificed… AGAIN!!! The other holds to Con-Substantiation — the elements are the same as. You can’t get a piece of paper between the two!!

Protestant Churches, in America are Liberal: in doctrine, in social issues and in poltical issues. The RCC is still afraid their children will be indoctrinated by the State School System….. Non-catholics would be wise to take note!

The State System is NOT preparing your children to be Good Citizens and Godly men and women. The State System is now the Federal System and it is turning out ‘Lemmings’ who dance to the secular tune!

But I Digress! The Point? Our U.S. Supreme Court seems to be back on track. ‘Seems!’ It’s far too soon to tell, but the signs are good. Two more Justices are on the brink of retirement…. One may actually die before that happens…. She often cannot stay awake…. even while on the Bench.

We Watch…. And Pray!

Parents Beware! The Enemy Never Rests!!

The story is about a former Special Forces Operator who wanted to DO something worthwhile, in his “Next Life”

Then Someone told him about H.E.R.O.
The Human Exploitation Rescue Operative (HERO) Child-Rescue Corps is a program developed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in conjunction with the National Association to Protect Children.

The HERO Child-Rescue Corps Program is designed for wounded, injured and ill Special Operations Forces to receive training in high-tech computer forensics and law enforcement skills, to assist federal agents in the fight against online child sexual exploitation.

Upon successful completion of the program, HERO interns have the knowledge, skills and experience to apply for careers with federal, state and local police agencies, and other organizations, in the field of computer forensics.

After his 10-month unpaid internship, Rock joined the Department of Homeland Security as a computer forensic analyst. Since he specializes in finding child porn, Rock is the guy who analyzes the crime scene. And as stomach-churning and heartbreaking as it may be, part of Rock’s job is to look through smartphones and computers for child pornography and identify the crime.

Rock has seen — and continues to see — some absolutely horrific things.

“I’ve watched videos from newborns to teenagers getting molested or sexually assaulted. When asked about how big of a problem child pornography is. Rock’s answer was quite unsettling.

He Said: “When I was in training, they pulled up a live map of the U.S. where a little red dot popped up every time someone downloaded child porn in the United States. In just fifteen minutes, the entire map was red.”

Rock pulled back the curtain on one way child pornographers communicate with each other openly. “It isn’t just downloading child porn, though. People will go to these dark chatrooms on the open internet, and they will offer their kids to each other. They will say things like, ‘I have a two-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter,’ and they will then offer them.”

It gets even more sickening than that. “People will go out and have kids just because they want a child to molest, or they want a kid at home to make child pornography with.”

Child pornography isn’t a crime isolated to a particular demographic, either.

“We will go to someone’s house, and we will have a ton of agents there. And people will come outside and say, ‘what are you doing here? He didn’t do anything!’ It happens at the trailer park, the house in the suburbs, or the mansion on the hill,” Rock stated.

“You could live in a neighborhood filled with millionaires and not know there three people just on your street who are huge into child pornography.” “It could be the mechanic at Jiffy Lube or a neurosurgeon. There are even some who will become dentists and pediatricians In Order To so have more access to children. They will dedicate their entire life to being able to be around more kids for the purpose of child pornography.”

Rock opened up about the level of disturbing sophistication some child pornographers have. “Tech savvy child pornographers can hack your webcam on your computer, your smartphone, your iPad, even the baby monitor camera. I keep a piece of tape over my webcam at all times.”

According to Rock, the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies are fighting child pornography around the clock, but they “barely make a dent” because it’s such a massive issue.

“It’s a growing problem because technology keeps advancing and more and more countries are coming online,” Rock emphasized.With how significant an issue it is, Rock recommends for parents to monitor how their kids use technology.

He says, “Educate yourselves more and your children on what to watch out for, they could be talking to someone online who claims to a 15 or 16-year-old, but in reality that’s a 45-year-old child pornography user who wants to make them a victim.”

Rock added, “Bad guys are pretty smart. they know what they’re doing, and many times, it’s easy to fall for their tricks.”