Where Is “The World” Taking Us?

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams Oct. 11, 1798

More than 7 years ago [2009] the Pew Forum on Religion published a Survey that indicated 57% of Evangelicals believed people who follow religions, other than their own, will enjoy Eternal Life.

It was so out of step with biblical doctrine and past results, they repeated the Survey, asking more specific questions. The Result was the same!… [Wayne Jackson]

This is nothing less than the ancient heresy of Universalism. Imagine the implications: NO point to the preaching of The Gospel, NO requirement for repentance nor faith, NO internal / observable change in heart n
or behavior, NO commitment to The Word of God, nor even the God of the Word….. merely following whatever religious belief presents itself.

If this is what was believed [and surely being taught] in 2009, what is it today? We merely have to watch the various ‘Christian’ TV channels and listen to the Music ‘Contemporary Christians’ seem to enjoy. The sum total is spiritual ‘CHAOS!’

The doctrines are all over the map. The music is so close to the contemporary, secular sound and style as to be indistinguishable (note the number of ‘Contemporary Christian Artists’ who are featured at the various secular Award Ceremonies). The dress and manner of these musicians is completely disrespectful, and mirrored by those who regularly attend such churches.

Side-by-side, watching how they live, how they speak, how they dress, how they act, without knowing which is which, the average person could not tell them apart. ‘Christian Liberty’ (today) means something completely foreign to believers in the first 1900 years of Christianity!

Drinking of alcoholic beverages, gambling (lotteries), vulgar language, dedication to becoming wealthy, changing social roles, the way children are raised, entertainment forms [Did you know over 50% of men who identify as ‘conservative Christian’ admit to watching pornography more than 10 hours a week? Many of them are pastoring churches!!]

What’s Wrong With Us? Externally, a generation has grown up not knowing, nor experiencing the Life that protects, Supports, Enables and Stimulates moral and social progress.

All we [those born after 1960] know is the profane culture, presented in the various media, now available in the extreme, on their phones! Technology [TV, Cable, VCR, Internet] to which they have been exposed since they were born….in many/most? cases.

The world, in the last 50 years, has changed! From a society which is Patriotic, God-Fearing and Productive, to Humanistic, Atheistic, Socialistic and Anarchistic, who despises anything / everything Godly, Decent, Responsible, Productive and Traditionally American.

Young adults in America have (largely) NO idea what makes America different from any other nation of the world. In fact they’re not certain it is! They have grown up without Moral Boundaries. There are NO Control-Mechanisms in their life.

Our Founding Fathers understood that the System they devised….in the words of John Adams cannot survive a population that is immoral, having rejected (Christian) religion.

He was talking about an America which….”assumes the language of Justice and Moderation, while practicing Iniquity and Extravagance….”

He assured his audience that, in these circumstances “….this country will be the most miserable habitation in the World!” Why? “Because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, Ambition, Revenge or Gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net.

What’s YOUR Sign?

For millennials, in meeting someone new, the first question isn’t “Where do you live?” or “What do you do?” but “What’s your sign?” Many millennials view horoscopes as a good reference point to identity. They read them and believe them, every day. At the same time interest in religion is in decline, especially among this same demographic. Are you surprised?

Now? According to a recent Pew Research Center Study….The majority of Americans say it is not necessary to believe in God to have good morals. The percentage of people between the ages of 18 and 29 who “never doubt the existence of God” …. fell from 81% in 2007 to 67% in 2012. Meanwhile, more than half of young adults in the U.S. believe astrology is a science.

During this same period, the psychic services industry — which includes astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading and palmistry, among other metaphysical services — grew 2% between 2011 and 2016. It is now worth $2 billion annually, according to a noted industry analysis firm. []

Here’s The Question: [since a majority of Americans believe it is not necessary to believe in God to have good morals] What Is The Basis For Your Moral Code?

REALITY? G.K. Chesterton [1874 – 1936 — English Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Journalist, etc] once said, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.”

Sound Familiar? As I just pointed out…. young people are not simply ditching spiritual beliefs, they are ditching belief in God for belief in witchcraft and astrology. We call it Secularization! All things secular means all things worldly or temporal.

So….what’s The Point? The point is that without an Objective, Eternal, Unchanging Standard of Morality…..Human Beings tend to create their own. And what they create is entirely SELF related. Meaning? What THEY believe! Which, of course, influences their value system.

History demonstrates, without the objective value system presented by God, in the Bible, societies tend to move away from Objective Good, toward an entirely Subjective Standard….which often includes witches, spirits, elves and omens.

On the other side, studies show that turning back to God in word and deed, in spirit and truth, will produce a return to morality. This is in keeping with not only biblical teaching and biblical history, but human history.

Israel turned away from the one true God to follow idols. But, when they returned, exchanging worship of self, the creation, or other spirits, for worship of (and obedience to) the one true God, their morality also changed. They did not become perfect moral specimens….but they DID embrace God’s Standards and held people to them.

Is there a silver lining, in all this? Yes! Most people know there is more to this world than the material. They’re just bored with traditional religion. The contemporary forms of religion available today are empty….focused, as they are, on temporal blessings or empty promises. What if we stop playing games and actually embrace True, Biblical Christianity? Wouldn’t That Be Something?

When A Nation Commits Suicide!

The Nations of the Earth have Come and Gone, largely based on the personality and power of the Individual or Government at the helm. Dictators, Military Generals and Political Movements have propelled a number of people, groups and artificial assemblies into power….for a time.

They have achieved great things, but only as long as the Dictator or Powerful Entities lived and were able to control events.

Of course, there have been exceptions. None more obvious or significant than Israel and The United States of America. Israel rose to power on the heels of King David. A Warrior-King admitting his power and office being the direct result of The One True God of Heaven’s Appointment and Blessing.

A Warrior-King who set out to fulfill God’s Command that Israel rid the Land of those people-groups which rejected Him. Divine Justice…And Peace For The People of God. His son, Solomon took that nation to New Heights, both in the building of The Temple, in Jerusalem, and the expansion of wealth and power in the Region.

But in his worldly success, he forgot His God! Subsequent kings a) divided the kingdom, and b) destroyed it, due to their rejection of The One True God of Heaven!

The United States of America follows the same path, establishing her authority and purpose upon the principles found in The Holy Bible and granting both autonomy and responsibility to her people.

After a Great World Victory (WWII) she purposed to enjoy the ‘Fruits of Success,’ The enemies of Right and Good were vanquished. The world was at peace. The forces of Right and Good would keep it that way.

In the grips of this False Evaluation, The United States became morally weak and began a descent into chaos.
1. Forgetting from whence she came
2. Abandoning The True Source of her Greatness
3. Resorting to Personal Gratification and Riches

The U.S. has abandoned her Founding Principles, replacing them with humanistic and politically progressive policies. The word ‘progressive’ is derived from the idea of Progress. True progress, we judged, could only be achieved if-and-when we shed our religious belief in absolute moral principles and guidance by the unseen ‘Hand’ of God.

And Abandon It We Have!
– Darwinian Evolution replaced the Biblical Concept of Creation
– Truth was abandoned in favor of Relativism.
– Ethics was no longer viewed an objective reality
– Morality became what we wanted it to be
– ‘Family’ was replaced by Revolving Roommates
– Children were abandoned to Government Schools
– Churches no longer preached The Word of God
– Legal Decisions are now Opinions, based upon a Judge’s interpretation or precedent.

What we did not realize [although those who deliberately crafted our New Society DID] was that Without Religious Freedom, There Is No Political Freedom!

Politics Addresses Policy — Religion Addresses Morality. Policies are built upon Morality. A relative moral code results in policies which are ‘Fair’ to the individual or party in view….. but not always to the larger community.

Fairness Is Always The Enemy of Justice!
When ‘Right’ no longer means anything objectively correct, it doesn’t matter what decision is made. The only thing that matters is the narrow issue at hand. And what’s at stake is what’s “Fair” …In This Case.

These concepts are not as Clear-Cut as this evaluation implies. Partly due to the fact that we cannot see the larger picture. In this Larger Picture, they are EXACTLY Correct! Our progress has been hit-and-miss, with movement toward moral destruction, interspersed by moments of relief [Read ‘sanity’].

No Nation Survives High Taxes & Social Benefits Too!
No Nation Survives The Rule of Opinion!
No Nation Survives The Deliberate Devaluation of Her Currency!
No Nation Survives Financial Support of Her Enemies! [re: U.N.; Foreign Aid]
No Nation Abandons God And Survives!

No Nation Survives Giving Money To People Who Don’t Work! [In 2011 49.2.% received Gov’t aid] This is not helping people who cannot work. This is supporting people who will not work….either because they refuse or because they did not prepare themselves to work. At Issue is Faith, Morality, Family, Responsibility!

Our Social Security Program [for example] is based on what was viewed as legitimate insurance. It was created, however, to eliminate the vast majority of folks who paid into it. In 1935, the average age of a working male was 58 yrs. Benefits began at 65 yrs. Is this Moral or merely Expedient?

Today, Soc. Sec. benefits begin at age 62 and the average male [who reaches age 65] lives to be 84! In terms of Actuarials….This is Insanity! HOWEVER…In terms of The Policy of Social / Moral Destruction…. It makes perfect sense!

It is doubtful we will be able to identify any lawmaker or public servant who is deliberately seeking to destroy this country. However, by embracing a godless and immoral view of life and government, that is exactly what’s happening!!