Requiring A State ID In Order To Vote Is Discrimination!?


How Hard Can It Be?

There is an Outcry, this election cycle, against New Voter ID Laws. In several states new laws limit the types of documents acceptable at the polls. Critics claim these are designed to keep minorities, older citizens and people of color from voting.

What’s going on? Well, in some states a birth certificate is required in order to get a State ID. In other states it takes a Driver’s License from that State. This is what’s being called a deliberate attempt to limit people from voting in America.

The Issue is really Voter Fraud and Personal Responsibility. But, who doesn’t have a Birth Certificate? Well, many people don’t one in their possession, for a number of reasons. Students at school in other States. Older people who may never have had one in their lives (like me!).

Who doesn’t have a Driver’s License from the State in which they vote? Again, older people, people who don’t drive. AND… at least one State School Teacher who is being featured as an illustration, and apparently lives in Wisconsin but has an Illinois D/L, along with Students matriculating in States other than where they legally reside.

Are these illustrations of Voter Discrimination? No! They are illustrations of how casual Americans have become re: The Rule of Law and Personal Responsibility.

Let Me Explain: As I mentioned, I lived 60 years on this planet before securing a Birth Certificate. What I had was a document from the Hospital, legally called a ‘Notification of Live Birth.’ For most of my life it served as a Legal Document, sufficient to secure a Driver’s License in a State that required a Birth Certificate.

It was a certificate I always assumed to be a Birth Certificate; one that worked in place of a Birth Certificate for 50 years…. until I applied for a Passport.

Discrimination? No! Society had changed and the laws had been adjusted to compensate for those changes. OverKill? In my mind and circumstance: Yes! I am a legal resident. I am not a criminal. I am not a threat. It would not be a problem for me to have a Passport, based on what I had in my hand, for the last 60+ years.

What did I do? I went online, found the State in which I was born; filled out a form; sent $35, and 3 weeks’ later I had a Birth Certificate in my hand! If this had been a voting issue, I would not have been able to vote in that election!

Discrimination? Yes! Only citizens with a valid / legal Birth Certificate are entitled to a Passport! The government is responsible to regulate these sort of things and is entitled to make whatever laws they choose. My responsibility was to make sure I understood the laws and comply BEFORE I needed to have that Passport!

Racial or Social Discrimination? On it’s face: NO! Now, it could be! But we have the right to legal redress for immoral or unjust laws. What we don’t have are Exceptions For Poor Planning or Ignorance On My Part!

Citizens of a Country have a personal, moral, legal responsibility to Know The Law and Comply. In all 50 States, governments bend over backwards to make certain citizens know the changes and have access to whatever it takes to adjust to those changes, but in the end, it’s MY Responsibility!

That citizens aren’t paying attention? Aren’t interested until they need something (like me); don’t exercise the necessary responsible or moral requirements, like moving to a new State and NOT getting a D/L from that State? Or attending college in another State and not thinking about what it takes to vote in that State?, does not constitute unlawful discrimination on the part of the State.

I lived 50+ years in New Jersey. Voting ALWAYS required a valid ID and signing The Book. I lived 20+ years in North Carolina. Voting there meant simply walking in and announcing who you were and where you lived. The first time, I was shocked! And asked the requisite question. THEY were then shocked!

South Carolina is no different. Tell them who you are and, if you’re in The Book, you vote.

In a world where people can easily pretend to be someone they are not. In a world as technically oriented as this — where things and people are not necessarily what they seem — to show a legal ID is neither overt nor is it demeaning. It is simply The Right Thing To Do! It’s what Government is all about: structuring for decency and order.

The citizen of a State or Country has the moral and legal responsibility to KNOW THE LAWS and CONFORM. It’s as natural as falling off a log. That we have made this a Major Issue in our society is a testimony to the continuing efforts of government to control who votes [abused, in the past, by some states] and people who either don’t like, or understand, change or want everything handed to them!

Somehow a sizable number of adults aren’t able to get a legal document (Picture ID), but ARE able to get a host of other legal documents (Food Stamps, Insurance, Various Grocery Store discount cards, etc)

We are raising a Nation of children. Children who want to be able to ‘play’ (meaning, doing whatever they want), without having to live with the consequences of that sort of immaturity and ignorance. Governments are not responsible, nor able, to ‘mother’ every citizen so they have everything they are entitled to have. Sooner or later we must Grow Up!

The Trump Effect

REMEMBER “LAUGH IN?” 1968 – 1973

Committed, spiritual Christians struggle with supporting Donald Trump, for all the reasons you’ve heard and more. He is a brash, arrogant, self-absorbed, bully with a vulgar mouth! No one knows whether his new-found conservativism is real or if it will continue. His supporters don’t really care, as long as he straightens out the mess these Liberals and Progressives have made.

So, last week, when ungodly men revealed, publicly, the voice of Donald Trump ‘trash-talking’ about women, social and political liberals were shocked!

They were so shocked they played the audio over-and-over again, at every hour of the day, on every outlet they own, using every possible format, in order to talk about it.

Why? Because they are outraged at such talk? No! They are the original purveyors of such talk. They brought us mini-skirts, bikini bathing suits, suggestive and salacious musical lyrics and movies, Go Go Girls, abortion and ‘Free Love.’ That was the 1960’s…. Donald’s formative years.

These people went on to glamorize just about every form of sexual deviance known to mankind. Those who spoke out against it were ‘prudes.’ We were told it was healthy to expose our children to these things, otherwise they would grow up sexually and socially stunted.

Now they are outraged? By what? By the very social climate and moral license that empowers people like Donald Trump! Men and women who either don’t care or have The Power to say and do whatever they choose. It is not an accident that this conversation occurred in and around a TV/Movie Lot.

In Donald’s Day women were liberated, meaning they were expected to be sexually aggressive…. and they were. Of course they were outraged should a man take things too far! If he did, it often resulted in a woman being ‘battered.’ You see, women ‘Play’ at sex. Men Don’t Play!

Donald was firmly on the Liberal Stage, in 2005, when he made those remarks. Now it’s the Liberals who are outraged.

We call this hypocrisy and clear-thinking men and women simply shake their heads in dismay. “You stuck your hand in the fire and it was burnt!” NOW you’re upset with the fire?

There was never a more vulgar and demeaning politician than Lyndon Baines Johnson…. And he was once President of these United States. He was not nice. He was not polite. He was not decent. His had a truly filthy mouth. His treatment of women was rude, crude and indecent…. and he didn’t care who saw it or knew it.

He is now a much revered man in the eyes of Liberal Democrats. The same ones who are shocked that Donald would say ugly things… in private…among lascivious men, who probably primed the pump and then had a good laugh.

Are you beginning to get the picture?

When Christians Begin Taking Advice From The World


When it comes to biblical prophecy, 21st Century Christians have a difficult time separating what they read from what they know.

We know (from the Bible) what constitutes a Christian Believer.
We know (from our experience) what constitutes a Christian Believer.
What we DON’T KNOW is that these are increasingly different!!

A recent blog highlighted our contemporary spiritual ‘disconnect’ by describing what the author considered her two favorite Christians: Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Without getting into whether or not I believe either one is truly saved, the author spent time listing the ‘Christian Fruit’ manifested by these women.

There was Not One Mention of a Spiritual Transformation!
There was Not One Mention of their Biblical Understanding!

The entire blog revolved around the Social Sensitivities and Accomplishments of these women. That they worked to uplift human dignity and relieve human suffering was the sum-total of this blogger’s understanding of Christianity.

In another blog, the writer harkened back to an answer Billy Graham gave [no doubt several years ago] to the question: Should We Judge Others. He wrote: “You’re probably thinking of Jesus’ statement in the Sermon on the Mount, commanding us not to judge or condemn others—something only God has the right to do. He said, “Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you will not be condemned … ” (Luke 6:37).

This doesn’t mean, however, that we’re supposed to be indifferent to right or wrong, or be unaware of the dangers that come from immoral decisions or false beliefs. Nor does it mean we should overlook our own sins. In fact, later in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus urges us to judge between true and false ways of living (which we do by seeing their results). He also commands us to be judges of our own sins—which may be far greater than those we see in others.”

These comments highlight the contemporary confusion that exists well within the organized Christian Church. Twenty-First Century ‘Christians’ have abandoned any commitment to the written Word, preferring our own opinion and that of the uplifting & challenging messages heard in the most popular churches.


There is very little instruction or encouragement in preaching The Gospel! The Gospel is an unpopular message, encouraging as it does the idea of Repentance & Biblical Faith. It calls every human being to recognize our innate, abject sinfulness and calls us to confess all that as sin: forsake it; repudiate it, and embrace [from the heart] a life-long commitment to the exact opposite.

An “opposite” we cannot possibly achieve without the power of God!
An “opposite” on display for anyone who knows us or sees us, displaying the righteousness of God, in every aspect of our life!

When we are evaluating our relationships, to determine which need comfort and encouragement, compared to which need to be confronted with The Gospel, we are making a judgment. This is a judgment we are REQUIRED to make! It is not optional. God has called His people to ‘Preach The Gospel’ to everyone we meet. It is not always possible, given the circumstances of the various ways we meet people, but it is always in our heart and mind to do so.

So, what are we looking for in other people? We’re looking for that spark of divinity that motivates, educates, empowers and condemns each truly born-again believer. The Bible calls it ‘Grace.’ It is characterized as ‘the God which is in you, both to WILL and to DO that which pleases / glorifies Him.’ [Phil 2:13] When we see it in others, we rejoice that they are Saved. When we cannot find it in others, or it is sufficient hidden by sinful attitudes and responses, we MUST treat that person as though they are not saved! Their very lives depend upon it!

What we are hearing today is: “Don’t Judge Other People!” “God has not ordained you to be My Judge!” “You don’t know my heart!” Well, How’s that working out? Look Around! The world; the community; the family in which you live is being degraded in ways our fore-fathers would never have imagined.

Americans are now living not unlike barbarians. Rough Language, even in our homes, with our children. Vulgar Habits and Entertainments, in broad daylight, in living rooms, with children present. Music that stimulates the flesh [it’s all about ‘Da Beat’] rather than the message and the spirit of the tune. Fashions, Abortions, Drugs, Murders, in the street and in the home, the total abandonment of honesty and integrity, in every aspect of life… even the church.

So? So keep on ‘Not Judging,’ in areas God has commanded we judge, and see where the next decade takes us.