When Christians Begin Taking Advice From The World


When it comes to biblical prophecy, 21st Century Christians have a difficult time separating what they read from what they know.

We know (from the Bible) what constitutes a Christian Believer.
We know (from our experience) what constitutes a Christian Believer.
What we DON’T KNOW is that these are increasingly different!!

A recent blog highlighted our contemporary spiritual ‘disconnect’ by describing what the author considered her two favorite Christians: Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Without getting into whether or not I believe either one is truly saved, the author spent time listing the ‘Christian Fruit’ manifested by these women.

There was Not One Mention of a Spiritual Transformation!
There was Not One Mention of their Biblical Understanding!

The entire blog revolved around the Social Sensitivities and Accomplishments of these women. That they worked to uplift human dignity and relieve human suffering was the sum-total of this blogger’s understanding of Christianity.

In another blog, the writer harkened back to an answer Billy Graham gave [no doubt several years ago] to the question: Should We Judge Others. He wrote: “You’re probably thinking of Jesus’ statement in the Sermon on the Mount, commanding us not to judge or condemn others—something only God has the right to do. He said, “Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you will not be condemned … ” (Luke 6:37).

This doesn’t mean, however, that we’re supposed to be indifferent to right or wrong, or be unaware of the dangers that come from immoral decisions or false beliefs. Nor does it mean we should overlook our own sins. In fact, later in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus urges us to judge between true and false ways of living (which we do by seeing their results). He also commands us to be judges of our own sins—which may be far greater than those we see in others.”

These comments highlight the contemporary confusion that exists well within the organized Christian Church. Twenty-First Century ‘Christians’ have abandoned any commitment to the written Word, preferring our own opinion and that of the uplifting & challenging messages heard in the most popular churches.


There is very little instruction or encouragement in preaching The Gospel! The Gospel is an unpopular message, encouraging as it does the idea of Repentance & Biblical Faith. It calls every human being to recognize our innate, abject sinfulness and calls us to confess all that as sin: forsake it; repudiate it, and embrace [from the heart] a life-long commitment to the exact opposite.

An “opposite” we cannot possibly achieve without the power of God!
An “opposite” on display for anyone who knows us or sees us, displaying the righteousness of God, in every aspect of our life!

When we are evaluating our relationships, to determine which need comfort and encouragement, compared to which need to be confronted with The Gospel, we are making a judgment. This is a judgment we are REQUIRED to make! It is not optional. God has called His people to ‘Preach The Gospel’ to everyone we meet. It is not always possible, given the circumstances of the various ways we meet people, but it is always in our heart and mind to do so.

So, what are we looking for in other people? We’re looking for that spark of divinity that motivates, educates, empowers and condemns each truly born-again believer. The Bible calls it ‘Grace.’ It is characterized as ‘the God which is in you, both to WILL and to DO that which pleases / glorifies Him.’ [Phil 2:13] When we see it in others, we rejoice that they are Saved. When we cannot find it in others, or it is sufficient hidden by sinful attitudes and responses, we MUST treat that person as though they are not saved! Their very lives depend upon it!

What we are hearing today is: “Don’t Judge Other People!” “God has not ordained you to be My Judge!” “You don’t know my heart!” Well, How’s that working out? Look Around! The world; the community; the family in which you live is being degraded in ways our fore-fathers would never have imagined.

Americans are now living not unlike barbarians. Rough Language, even in our homes, with our children. Vulgar Habits and Entertainments, in broad daylight, in living rooms, with children present. Music that stimulates the flesh [it’s all about ‘Da Beat’] rather than the message and the spirit of the tune. Fashions, Abortions, Drugs, Murders, in the street and in the home, the total abandonment of honesty and integrity, in every aspect of life… even the church.

So? So keep on ‘Not Judging,’ in areas God has commanded we judge, and see where the next decade takes us.

Three Pillars Of A Decent Society

Conscience Enemies
Princeton Professor Robert P. George argues, [in his book: Conscience & It’s Enemies] that “any healthy society, any decent society, will rest on three pillars.”

Respect For The Human Person, Strong Families and The Rule of Law.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the wisdom of this declaration. Yet, mainstream America doesn’t seem to agree. A certain percentage of Americans are excited and motivated by the fact that they can live any way they choose and still be healthy and productive.

Of course, they can’t! But that won’t appear to them for many years. The science of life is immutable and unforgiving: “Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction.” If you do this, you will get that…. every time! That it is delayed does not mitigate it’s impact.

“The Greatest Generation,” those born in the 20th century, before 1945, were productive BECAUSE they took The Long View! It’s how life on Earth needed to be lived if you wanted to be successful. Countless generations, prior, set that unyielding example.

When the Baby Boomers came along, technology and liberal philosophy had sufficiently warped perceptions so that young people saw no ‘Down-Side’ to anything they wanted to do. Drugs, Sex, Family, Education, Laws, etc., nothing was sufficiently forbidden.

Then, along came Generations X, Y, and Z! Building on their parent’s flimsy foundation, they have evolved to accept NO objective moral or social standards, but their own. They may live anyway they please and the result will be success! Or so they believe.

Enter Dr. Kevin M. Doyle, a Harvard and Oxford trained lawyer, educator and writer. A professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, lecturing on constitutional interpretation, civil liberties and philosophy of law. Serving as director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, the Herbert W. Vaughan senior fellow of the Witherspoon Institute, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School.

But what does he know? He may be 61 years of age, with a wide range of education and experience, but clearly he doesn’t know what our 30 and 40-somethings know about life and how to live it. He’s simply an academician. He lives in a bubble; an ivory tower.

What he says, in his book, is that society rests upon the pillar of Respect for one another. This means every human being is a Person, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, stage of development or condition of dependency.

He says society rests upon the pillar Strong Families. He says a family is the product of the marital commitment of husband and wife. As such it is the original and best ministry of health, education and welfare. Not always perfect. But totally vital, if society is to survive.

He says society rests upon The Rule of Law. A decent society is built upon a fair and effective system of law and government. The necessity is obvious, since human beings are not perfectly virtuous all the time, and some people will be deterred from wrongdoing only by the threat of punishment.

More importantly, he writes, the law coordinates human behavior for the sake of achieving common goals, the common good, especially in dealing with the complexities of modern life.

Surprise! Not everyone is happy with Dr. George’s conclusions! How about you?

Reality? Either he’s right or the left-wing, radical deconstructionists are. You see, they’re the ones using sex as a toy to play with… the product of which they easily destroy under the banner of ‘Reproductive Rights.’

They are the one’s who dismiss the nuclear family as unnecessary, the product of an antiquated and victorian value system long gone, wandering through one relationship after another, never finding the satisfaction they crave and leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

They are the one’s who believe every person is a law unto themselves. My values may not be your values, but they are just as important and you have no right to criticize, let alone legislate MY morality.

What happens if we let these three Pillars crumble and see what happens!

Oh, They Already Have!! Now do you understand what’s going on?

Republican National Convention: Monday Night

Daryl Glenn


The speaches were moving and inspiring
The production was smooth
The guests highlighted spoke to unity and hope

The News?
How Milannia plagarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 speach
How the Ohio Governor boycotted the event
How the Colorado Delegation walked out
How the Ohio Delegation was seated in the back of the room
So much for News Outlets actually reporting on the facts that make up …. well, News!

We’ve evolved into backyard gossip, pretending to be News of the day
None of the issues the media found important were…. well, Important!
It’s Soap Opera Stuff. The effort is transparent: Distract From What’s Being Said and Done! Don’t Let The American Public Know Too Much of Substance! Keep it Light!

Of course, when we look at the number of people in America who actually watch TV shows, it’s generally less than 10%. A Top Rated Prime Time TV program may get 6 – 8 million viewers.

Monday Night “The Bachelorette (ABC) was Number One with 6.56 mil.
The top News shows do less — Successful Movies do better, scoring about 20 / 30% of the population.

The Republican Convention? Just over 10 mil. (All 3 Broadcast News)
The cable audience? That number is not available, at this posting.
However, FOX probably had the largest audience, if the debates are any indication…. And they streamed it LIVE on the net.

So, where do Americans get their News?
They don’t! We are an ignorant bunch… focused on ourselves and on games or sex.
We go to the polls armed with the last thing we heard from someone who seems to know.

Politicians ‘Get It!’ They don’t fret the ordinary propaganda. They know it will be forgotten with the next News Cycle.

Only the Activists remember the details…. and they make the ‘noise.’
Did YOU know Melania copies Michelle’s speach?

NOTE: Melania’s comments were rooted in ages-old common sense and wholesome values. There are very few ways to say the same things.
Some of us never tire of hearing Strong, Stable Values being expressed!

When the experts evaluate public events, they generally note a movement over a 5 or 8 year period. You see, it’s the steady ‘Drum Beat’ of information, over time, that matters. The propogandists who deliver our News, know this!

They are a patient bunch… sometimes subtle and often just a little off where absolute truth is concerned. But, no one is holding them accountable. They do not lose their jobs or their notariety when ‘getting it wrong.’ Everything goes down the ‘Memory Hole.’

There is much the Liberal Media and Liberal Politicians WANT to forget about the young, black man running for a Colorado Senate Seat. His short, pithy, motivational, practical speach was undoubtedly The Hit of the Show.
NO ONE said more or said it BETTER!

You didn’t hear it? Check CBS or ABC or CNN… It may be they have it available.
His name is Darryl Glenn. Watch for him.