Three Pillars Of A Decent Society

Conscience Enemies
Princeton Professor Robert P. George argues, [in his book: Conscience & It’s Enemies] that “any healthy society, any decent society, will rest on three pillars.”

Respect For The Human Person, Strong Families and The Rule of Law.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the wisdom of this declaration. Yet, mainstream America doesn’t seem to agree. A certain percentage of Americans are excited and motivated by the fact that they can live any way they choose and still be healthy and productive.

Of course, they can’t! But that won’t appear to them for many years. The science of life is immutable and unforgiving: “Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction.” If you do this, you will get that…. every time! That it is delayed does not mitigate it’s impact.

“The Greatest Generation,” those born in the 20th century, before 1945, were productive BECAUSE they took The Long View! It’s how life on Earth needed to be lived if you wanted to be successful. Countless generations, prior, set that unyielding example.

When the Baby Boomers came along, technology and liberal philosophy had sufficiently warped perceptions so that young people saw no ‘Down-Side’ to anything they wanted to do. Drugs, Sex, Family, Education, Laws, etc., nothing was sufficiently forbidden.

Then, along came Generations X, Y, and Z! Building on their parent’s flimsy foundation, they have evolved to accept NO objective moral or social standards, but their own. They may live anyway they please and the result will be success! Or so they believe.

Enter Dr. Kevin M. Doyle, a Harvard and Oxford trained lawyer, educator and writer. A professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, lecturing on constitutional interpretation, civil liberties and philosophy of law. Serving as director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, the Herbert W. Vaughan senior fellow of the Witherspoon Institute, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School.

But what does he know? He may be 61 years of age, with a wide range of education and experience, but clearly he doesn’t know what our 30 and 40-somethings know about life and how to live it. He’s simply an academician. He lives in a bubble; an ivory tower.

What he says, in his book, is that society rests upon the pillar of Respect for one another. This means every human being is a Person, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, stage of development or condition of dependency.

He says society rests upon the pillar Strong Families. He says a family is the product of the marital commitment of husband and wife. As such it is the original and best ministry of health, education and welfare. Not always perfect. But totally vital, if society is to survive.

He says society rests upon The Rule of Law. A decent society is built upon a fair and effective system of law and government. The necessity is obvious, since human beings are not perfectly virtuous all the time, and some people will be deterred from wrongdoing only by the threat of punishment.

More importantly, he writes, the law coordinates human behavior for the sake of achieving common goals, the common good, especially in dealing with the complexities of modern life.

Surprise! Not everyone is happy with Dr. George’s conclusions! How about you?

Reality? Either he’s right or the left-wing, radical deconstructionists are. You see, they’re the ones using sex as a toy to play with… the product of which they easily destroy under the banner of ‘Reproductive Rights.’

They are the one’s who dismiss the nuclear family as unnecessary, the product of an antiquated and victorian value system long gone, wandering through one relationship after another, never finding the satisfaction they crave and leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

They are the one’s who believe every person is a law unto themselves. My values may not be your values, but they are just as important and you have no right to criticize, let alone legislate MY morality.

What happens if we let these three Pillars crumble and see what happens!

Oh, They Already Have!! Now do you understand what’s going on?

Republican National Convention: Monday Night

Daryl Glenn


The speaches were moving and inspiring
The production was smooth
The guests highlighted spoke to unity and hope

The News?
How Milannia plagarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 speach
How the Ohio Governor boycotted the event
How the Colorado Delegation walked out
How the Ohio Delegation was seated in the back of the room
So much for News Outlets actually reporting on the facts that make up …. well, News!

We’ve evolved into backyard gossip, pretending to be News of the day
None of the issues the media found important were…. well, Important!
It’s Soap Opera Stuff. The effort is transparent: Distract From What’s Being Said and Done! Don’t Let The American Public Know Too Much of Substance! Keep it Light!

Of course, when we look at the number of people in America who actually watch TV shows, it’s generally less than 10%. A Top Rated Prime Time TV program may get 6 – 8 million viewers.

Monday Night “The Bachelorette (ABC) was Number One with 6.56 mil.
The top News shows do less — Successful Movies do better, scoring about 20 / 30% of the population.

The Republican Convention? Just over 10 mil. (All 3 Broadcast News)
The cable audience? That number is not available, at this posting.
However, FOX probably had the largest audience, if the debates are any indication…. And they streamed it LIVE on the net.

So, where do Americans get their News?
They don’t! We are an ignorant bunch… focused on ourselves and on games or sex.
We go to the polls armed with the last thing we heard from someone who seems to know.

Politicians ‘Get It!’ They don’t fret the ordinary propaganda. They know it will be forgotten with the next News Cycle.

Only the Activists remember the details…. and they make the ‘noise.’
Did YOU know Melania copies Michelle’s speach?

NOTE: Melania’s comments were rooted in ages-old common sense and wholesome values. There are very few ways to say the same things.
Some of us never tire of hearing Strong, Stable Values being expressed!

When the experts evaluate public events, they generally note a movement over a 5 or 8 year period. You see, it’s the steady ‘Drum Beat’ of information, over time, that matters. The propogandists who deliver our News, know this!

They are a patient bunch… sometimes subtle and often just a little off where absolute truth is concerned. But, no one is holding them accountable. They do not lose their jobs or their notariety when ‘getting it wrong.’ Everything goes down the ‘Memory Hole.’

There is much the Liberal Media and Liberal Politicians WANT to forget about the young, black man running for a Colorado Senate Seat. His short, pithy, motivational, practical speach was undoubtedly The Hit of the Show.
NO ONE said more or said it BETTER!

You didn’t hear it? Check CBS or ABC or CNN… It may be they have it available.
His name is Darryl Glenn. Watch for him.

Dallas Sniper Kills 5 Police Officers…. To Even The Score?

Dallas Sniper

A Tweet posted in the aftermath of the shootings – said: “‪#‎BlackPower‬! ‪#‎BlackKnights‬! Sniper Assassins Take Down Five Police Officers! And More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper Rifle And Join Our Thousands Of Sniper Assassins Worldwide In The Fight Against Oppression!”

In the picture you can see a woman wearing a shirt, with the Motto: “Argue Religion.”

In the aftermath, President Obama addressed the situation from Poland, saying: “…the attack that killed five Dallas police officers and wounded six more was a “vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.” He continued saying there was “no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement.”

If we focus on this singular event we will find a number of ’causes,’ none of which will be The Real Cause. So, what IS the Real Cause? It’s The Breakdown of our Culture!

American Culture is rooted in our Founding Documents and in the routine behavior of ordinary Americans, over the last 200 years. The Documents vest power with the citizenry, based on Reason, Responsibility and Christian Religion.

American Greatness is rooted in the character of her people and minimal government interference. Hard work that produces a reasonable rate of return was the Hallmark of our culture for the first 190 years. Then came The Great Society! This was a government program to guarantee a much beleaguered and abused segment of society that they could reap from the coffers of those who had been taking from them, these last 200 years.

This Progressive Program was an attack on the very soul of American Culture. It was proposed and propagated by the very same Group that had kept Americans, of African descent, out of the Mainstream for 300 years! It was, in many ways, a Pay Off. It was also a way to keep these folks enslaved…. to them!

The fallacy is rooted in the fact that not ALL Americans had abused black people. Instead of penalizing only those involved in this hateful process, the corporate ‘Plantation Owners,’ made certain that everyone paid their ‘fair share.’ It’s the Progressive Way!

Switching from a system rooted in Objective Morality to one rooted in a Secular, Progressive Morality created something completely NEW!

A NEW Economic System: One not based on anything concrete [like gold / silver]
A NEW Moral System: One that rewards people who don’t work.
A NEW Social System: One that honors dysfunctional morality.
A NEW Religious System: One that merely entertains the masses.

All this empowers the Financial and Political Class, while destroying the Middle Class and Dehumanizing the Underclass. Our Social policies have destroyed The Family: The Basic Building Block of Society. The roaming band of young people, so prevalent on the streets after midnight, are The Result.

THEY are now killing their babies with a clear conscience. THEY are not forming traditional family structures. Why? Because the government [our new religious leaders] say none of that is necessary.

The children who survive are largely left to fend for themselves, morally, socially and in terms of education. They do not learn NO! They do not have an authority in their lives they MUST obey. They live in a violent world, filled with foul language, drugs and disorder. They do not eat a healthy diet. They do not live a healthy lifestyle. They do not know peace nor safety. But they KNOW all this is the White Mans’ Fault!

The crime rate for young black males is off the chart, high — per capita.
The Department of Justice reported that, despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit almost half of all homicides in the United States. [52% compared to 45% 1908 – 2008]
The FBI statistics are largely the same: In 2013 Black criminals carried out 38% of murders, compared to 31.1% for Whites… despite the fact that there are 5 times More Whites than Blacks, in America.

AND… blacks kill whites 8 times more often than the other way around, while whites are twice as likely to be killed by police than blacks! Did I mention blacks make up only 13% of the population?

This does not mean police officers should shoot and kill black perpetrators, simply because [statistically] they are more likely to kill them! But it does sensitize all of us to the fact that there is a greater likelihood of being killed by a black man, than a white man. And given the strident attitude of many young black males, the stereotype is reinforced.

The Shooter(s) in Dallas, this week [July 7, 2016] claimed to be acting in harmony with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd. A demonstrably racist group (or philosophy), as you listen to what they say about themselves.

Watching the TV Coverage of that event and listening to the reports afterward, it is clear [as it generally is] that MOST black Americans do NOT share their animus. A walk on any normal American street or the parking lots of stores and malls, will reveal a plethora of pleasant, friendly, helpful black Americans! However, the squeaky wheel has always gotten the grease!

The Problem is rooted in our Soul. The Solution will come from that same Soul.
When / If America ever returns to her roots, she will immediately strengthen The Family. When the family unit is intact and functional, most of these problems will go away!

Why? Because children will have homes and loving parents who actually nurture those children. Because these parents will connect with other parents, of all sorts, to build a society rather than 35 independent social or political groups. Because, in a healthy family, children are taught Respect, Discipline, Character. Because in a healthy family, children are encouraged / helped to get a good education.

And lastly, although far from being the least, in a healthy family, God will be an important Person! Feed the body, Feed the mind, Exercise both….and you have a functional human being. But feed the Soul and you have a Balanced Person!

We Outlawed God from the Public Discourse and He was dismissed by The Family. What we are seeing is The Result of this Critical Error!