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What Time Is It?

October 15, 2015
Israel is facing a New and Truly Vicious Response to Religious Jews being permitted on The Temple Mount. Otherwise non-descript people are walking up to Jews on the street and without warning stabbing them repeatedly with knives, screwdrivers and other sharp pointed instruments.

Israel has taken to employing soldiers to patrol the streets. Attackers are intense in that they do not simply attack and run away. They attack and then attack again and again until either the victim is down or they are able to stab others, or the police (or someone) stops them.

The Western News outlets are largely ignoring this development. One can only ask Why? If the tables were turned the outcry would be heard around the world in every News and Political Outlet known to mankind!

This is how we know The Days Are Short!

October 22, 2015
Texas is preparing for the collapse of the U.S. Dollar! Houston’s Radio Station KTRH is reporting the plans for Texas to ‘repatriate $1 bn of gold bullion from New York to Texas.’

Texas wants to be positioned to not only take care of herself but to be “a commodities hub for the continent,” according to State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione.

Before you write this off as just another Out-Sized Texas Attitude, consider:
– There is over $1 Trillion changing hands every month in the U.S.
– But, there is only $1.5 Trillion in circulation, worldwide.
This is called ‘Monetary Velocity,’ and when it’s this up-side-down, it’s NOT a good sign!

So, how does the world operate? On Credit! The world is moving credits around, which are largely just numbers on a balance sheet. And the Credit System is Insolvent to the tune of 6 times the 2007 crash.

Today, our financial system is $57 trillion MORE in debt than in 2008.
In 2000, the .com industry went bust — threatening the money supply
In 2008, the housing industry went bust — damaging the rest
Since then the Fed has been pumping money into the system, watering down the value of the dollar, with the so-called Big Players taking money out of the system for years, stock-piling it for what they see as ‘hard times’ coming.

Experts suggest it would take only 3 hours for the Entire System to collapse and Stop! Experts predict a day when ATMs will stop working and businesses will no longer take credit cards. Trucks will stop running, Stores will stop receiving deliveries. You will stop getting paid!